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We're surprised to hear your yield was so drastically different, even when using the prescribed cookie scoop. It sounds like there may have been a measuring error with the flour, which would also explain why the cookies were quite flat. Next time try measuring your flour using a scale if possible, and see if the cookies hold their structure better. (Also be sure you're using King Arthur Flour brand all-purpose if you're not already doing so, as it has a high enough protein content to create a tender yet nicely risen cookie.) Good luck! [email protected]

Very adorable and creative! We had that same snow about 3 years ago and didn’t have sleds either. My husband and I used a lid from one of our large plastic bins. It worked perfectly!

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54. Ugh
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A House - Snowball Down / Y-O-UA House - Snowball Down / Y-O-UA House - Snowball Down / Y-O-UA House - Snowball Down / Y-O-U