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Should you fail to do so, we call for a boycott of your label by metal journalists, distros, venues and fans, and will apply whatever other pressure we find appropriate. Your label is known for its high aesthetic standards; please consider whether you also want it to be known for promoting neo-Nazi trash.

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Vaasankadun myymälä on suljettu ja se muuttaa Hakaniemen Äxän yläkerran tiloihin perjantaina . Jos sinulla on noutamattomia varauksia niin ne löytyypi nyt Hakaniemen myymälästä.

A statement from Antichrist Kramer reads: " Intolitarian is my declaration of war. My harnessed revenge and attack on every single one of you. You, the weak, parasitic, subvermin sacks of flesh, greedily feeding from the trough of enslavement, deception, and inferiority... You, the hollow, pathetic, willing, and unwilling pawns of the enslaver. Created through mental conditioning and indoctrination to become their drone servants. Slaves created to assist in the carrying out of their domination agenda, their control, and the enslavement of all beings in this world, and to keep those few such as myself, at bay, and doing whatever is necessary to try to keep me under control. The vicious hatred and scorn that has been seething, boiling, and festering within me for over three and a half decades, that has been manifested and weaponized into the cymatic blade held against your neck. This was not created and I do not exist for your pleasure, acceptance, support, or adulation. This is not for fame, recognition, or stardom. This is my revenge. This is my weapon. This is my declaration. This is my absolution. Kneel before the Hate Legion... Intolitarian does not exist for pleasure. Intolitarian exists for pain."

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Intolitarian - Deathangle AbsolutionIntolitarian - Deathangle AbsolutionIntolitarian - Deathangle AbsolutionIntolitarian - Deathangle Absolution