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Barry Seal did not look like Tom Cruise. Barry Seal weighed 20 stone and looked like a darts player, and in real life Pablo Escobar knew him as ‘El Gordo’ — the fat man. But all the filmmaking here is in service of Seal’s spirit. It goes out of its way to be scraggy, places and dates scrawled on the screen, handheld cameras scurrying around to catch the action. Gleeful recklessness sells reality, as do the performances, particularly those of the future Medellín cartel guys, who Seal attracts the attention of soon after he starts working for the CIA. They are threatening in their subtlety. The first time we see Escobar, he’s scoffing an orange, utterly menacing in his nonchalance. The film reeks of realness, and compared to Cruise’s recent run, a seemingly endless glut of outsized action, it’s all relatively down to earth.

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Pablo Cruise - Worlds AwayPablo Cruise - Worlds AwayPablo Cruise - Worlds AwayPablo Cruise - Worlds Away